Friday, September 5, 2008

I think Its All A Scam....

I got into a conversation today at my husbands work. It was about Drs and insurance. I just don't understand why it is that one Dr can't take care of everything or atleast most everything. They send you from one doctor to the next and tests after tests. I have a dr for almost every part of my body and I am sure my friend Nancy can attest to this, she has the same problem. Most of these issues is from issues from the Guillian Barre and Myasthenia Gravis.

My Dr List- Names Left Out
1. Primary Physician
2. Nuerologist- One in Vegas and One in Utah
3. Gastrointerologist? Not sure on Spelling- Tears that happend in ICU in July
4. ENT for Swallowing Problems
5. Urologist- Not sure yet why I am seeing him... I guess I will know soon enough
6. Speech Therapy- Swallowing problems treated and then go back to ENT if it doesn't help.
7. Cardiologist- well, thats for the heart
8. Pulmanary Dr- For the Restrictive Lung Disease

Ok, as of right now, I think that is it. But I wonder why one can't treat most of these problems. It would seem like it would be better for the insurance. But not maybe the Drs. Because specialists get three times if not more then that in fees. And they treat only one part of the body. I am sure that MD's had to have gotten training in all parts of the body in order to get his/her degree. I would hope atleast. But I am dumbfounded and I am beginning to think there is more to it then someone not knowing what is going on. But this is my theory and I am sticking to it :) its a good thing I have insurance, or I wouldn't be sent to all these Drs, lol. Hummm maybe that should be the plan. Not only save on co-pays, but save on time and gas. What a concept!

Sometimes I just want to say "JUST SHOOT ME",lol

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