Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What the Heck

Lawsuit seeks to take 'God' out of inaugural
Some atheists want Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony to leave out references to God and religion. In a lawsuit, the plaintiffs demand the words "So help me God" not be added to the end of the oath of office. The plaintiffs say they are being forced to choose between not watching the inauguration or watching endorsements of "purely religious notions.

Newdow and other plaintiffs say they want to watch the inaugural either in person or on television. As atheists, they contend, having to watch a ceremony with religious components will make them feel excluded and stigmatized.

My Thoughts: Why is it that people that don't believe in God want to force us to leave God out of things. maybe we should sue them because they are infringing on our rights. If they don't like the part where someone else says "So Help Me God", then plug their ears. That is so frustrating... If they don't believe in God that is their right, but do we have to hear their propaganda... They yell about what we think and believe. And they want us to hear their garbage come out of their mouths. One day they will see how wrong they are and were. When they stand before God and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

On the thought of being stigmatized... Get over it. If that was going to happen, you would have to stop living in this world, get out of the field of law and turn off your TV. There are plenty of other things that could stigmatize your poor little brain. Maybe hearing about God is something that would stimulate you instead. Ugh and double ugh. I can be stigmatized anytime I turn on the news or listen to nonsense. And there is plenty of that out there and thinking there is no God or that we evolved from monkeys is two examples of how senseless thoughts can stigmatize my brain. Wonder if I could sue this guy over making me read this garbage, lol.

Should we boycott all the places that post messages of theirs or post news about them? I don't think so, but that thought is as ridiculous as them thinking that someone who wants to leave God out of things can. If Obama wants to say "So help Me God" Then he should be able to. Who cares what some people say and what they don't want to believe is true. Ughhhhhhh, this just gets my goat. I wonder if sometimes these people who don't want to hear God mentioned in things is really worshiping Gods of this world. I am sure they are and they don't even realize it. But there is such a thing as turning off the column or saying LALALA or plugging your ears like a little child does when they don't want to hear something that is in their best interest.

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