Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wonderful Christmas Day

Today we celebrated Christmas... It may have been a week late, but it was on time as far as I am concerned and I am sure Jesus was happy that we celebrated His birth and that He was a part of the good times... Jessica and JJ made Jesus' birthday cake and it turned out perfect.

Jessica, Jason and JJ were the first to show up. I don't think Jason was too impressed with driving in the snow. He can chalk it up to experience I guess.
We gave our dogs their Christmas stockings filled with many toys and goodies. My dogs know what a Christmas stocking is, lol and they know it means food and fun.

The Barton Family
Everyone started to arrive shortly after that and we had Jason and Jason doing the handing out of gifts... There was no floor after all was said and done... It was a pretty nice day, but I think the greatest blessing was when Jason Barton and I had a talk in the kitchen and he told me that he is changing his life and that he asked Christ into his life and wants to do what is right... As a mother to his wife and knowing that he has the love for Christ that we all need and should have and with it being a celebration of Christs birth... I can say that it overwhelmed me and I was and am very proud of him for making that decision. And I can tell it wasn't just words to him... There was something different about him and I am so happy to see that peace that can only come from Christ and a real desire to have a relationship with Christ... How many people can say that the greatest gift is to hear someone declare on Christmas day that they turned their life over to Christ?

JJ and Daddy (Jason Ross)
It was also nice to spend this Christmas with my sister. It has been many many years since doing that. It would be so awesome to one day have all my family together without the arguing and enjoying the company, but for this year I had my daughters Jessica and Beckiah, with their families and my grandsons... I had my niece Bridgette, my brother in law Craig who is more like a best friend and I had my husband Chuck. Of course I had my dogs too...

I got some great pictures of the family and will post a few on here... I have too many, so will see what I want to add or not add...

Now to the New Year... I pray that each and everyone of you have a wonderful and blessed New Years... To me it isn't important if you make resolutions or the changing of the date. It's about celebrating each day as if it is and it really is a new day... Make that day and year important and do something for someone else...

I would like to add a prayer and only God knows what that prayer is really about... But I would like to have anyone pray simply that people will learn to appreciate those around them no matter what they do, what they eat, how they don't measure of to their idea of perfection.

The Bartons playing in the snow

The Ross family


Jessica having fun with JJ and sis opening gifts

Chuck finally got his metal detector

JJ's gift to Jessica

Craig and Chuck
My sisters dinner place

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