Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Other Side

The boys went home and was really good last night... Tyson, Jace and Ashton slept all night long... Wish I could say that for me... But it is what it is... I think I am going to try to take a long nap all day long...

I must have had some sleep though, long enough to remember one dream I had... I haven't had this dream for some time... My friend Nancybratt will remember it... I actually wrote a poem about it... I wrote this poem years ago and it was nice to have a dream like this one when I was having such a bad night... I am an over analyzer of things, so now I wonder if there is some kind of message for me in the poem I wrote years ago... Or if it is, what it is...  I will share it with you here...

The Other Side

I know where I am, and it feels so right,
I'm looking back at them, and walking toward the light.
That's the way, I remember spending last night,
The many before me, all dressed in white.

I can hear all you say, hear when you pray,
So tired these days, I just want to stay.
Once in a place, of a world gone gray,
I seem so close to you, yet so far away.

It's hard to explain, but a long awaited ride,
Somewhere between you, and the other side.
I feel like I have to go, they're showing me the light,
I look down below, did I really loose my fight?

Whispers of angels and chimes of perfected sound,
My soul journeys back, I returned to earthly ground.
The jobs not finished, waiting for the glorious day.
God's angels promised that soon I would forever stay.

When that time comes, I know I'll be all right,
Because its God ahead, who's showing me the light.
Please! Don't be so sad, there's no more pain to be had,
For God's angels will be holding my hand, to the other side.

by Sandie Divan - 1999

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this poem with us.