Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SO TEMPTED! Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns Coming to Vegas... And I Won't Be There... :(

I am so tempted to drive to Las Vegas on Sunday night to go see Casting Crowns... Between them and Mandisa, they are the subjects of many blogs... I am on their mailing list for when they get close to my area... Then I see just last night that they are going to be 2 hours away from me... Ughhhhh how did this get past my eyes?  So now I am having a dilemma in my brain... I want to see them, have waited for a long long long time for them to be close enough and take a chance... Maybe I could bribe someone to drive down with or pray that they come again and I find out sooner... One of the songs they sing "Voice of Truth" is the song that plays in my dreams alot... So now what? Do I go or do I not? But then if I was suppose to go, maybe I would have seen the notice sooner... This is NOT cool at all... But I am going over different thoughts right now on this... But then I don't even know if there are any tickets available or what the cost is... Hmmmm "WHAT TO DO?" I am way bummed to find out that they are going to be only 2 hours away... What would be absolutely perfect is if Mandisa and Casting Crowns played together... WOW... Atleast in my thoughts that would be a WOW moment... I told my friend Lynda that I was going to try to drive down or up, where ever it is and see them... Hmmmm, she didn't like that idea at all... It isn't like Casting Crowns would come to St. George to do a concert here... But that would be totally awesome too... I would let them stay here at my house :)

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