Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hold Me Together...

I have heard this song on K-Love and I didn't know who it was that sang the song... But here is the song... Very pretty song and speaks volumes of truth in the lyrics... I thought it was one of those songs that was a good timing thing... I'm going to try to study Romans in depth...I have to find the right study guide for it though... Something in layman's terms, not in over my head terms...  Not sure how much or how far I will get in it... But this song kinda describes my reasoning for studying it...

Here are the Lyrics to the Song:

I'm falling Apart
By Royal Tailer

Hello mercy
I have been searching for You lately
I've been wounded and from what I hear
You have the remedy

They told me You would be for me
so now I need to know
Is this a love that can save me
Or say you will then don't

Will You stay with me
When nobody is around
If this is real
Then tell me now

Can You hold me together
Can Your love reach down this far
Can You hold me together
'Cause without You holding my heart
I'm falling apart, falling apart

Saying so long, been lost, been gone
Not sure what to pray
It's not easy, but I know You see me
When I lose my way

I keep on floating not knowing
If there is more for me
Don't want to sink beneath
Waves of negativity

I'm going under,
I'm afraid I might drown
If this is real,
I need you now


I'm feeling stronger
With You by my side
And I realize You are my hope
And I need to know


Without You
I'm falling apart
Falling apart

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