Sunday, April 29, 2012

Whose Life Is It Anyhow?

Who is the judge and jury over your life?

This whole post came about after talking to a friend on the phone and got me to thinking about  how much authority we give to Dr's or others when it comes to our lives... When did we stop thinking for ourselves?

Without going into my medical things... I can say without any hesitation that I'm Dr'd out... I have had my fill of blood tests, EKG's, hospitals and all the other things that goes along with being sick...

What gets me is that I have alot of medical people telling me what I can and can't do... And I'm not at all impressed about that right now... I think if I listened to all of the don't do list I would be doing nothing at all... That isn't a me thing... I can understand being cautious and not doing anything stupid... I'm notorious for doing things without thinking... But when does putting too many rules on what you can and can't do need to stop...

If I feel good enough to go out and do something or hike the canyons than I want to do that... OK! For those who knows me well enough, you know that isn't going to be the case, but just saying... I do like to go on my drives, with the radio turned up and just go... I know that I shouldn't go out when it is hotter than Hades... I do have some common sense once in awhile... When I have good days, I want to do the things I can't do on my bad days... I know there are consequences, but sometimes they are worth it... I must say that I get frustrated over all the don'ts instead of the you can Do's...  My Don'ts list is much bigger than my Do's list...

In my opinion and once in awhile it does count... If you are going to lay down and do nothing, why live? I have many great Dr's and I'm sure their advice is great... But I wonder sometimes if we stop thinking for ourselves and then we let others dictate what we can and can't do for ourselves... Or when others that are in my life or maybe they think they know what is best and I agree that safety is a plus... I do have one Dr that is pretty good and tells me to do what I can, but be careful... I also have some friends that know me well enough to know when to step in and save me from me... Hmmm, is that even possible? Anyhow, if you do nothing and are afraid to live, why even bother... I say for myself, "if I can't do anything, then shoot me"... Is that a horrible thought? Maybe for some! But in my thinking and it isn't always there, I want to do what I can do for as long as I can and not lay down and have others ordering me what to do and when to do it... Maybe I'm too much of a control freak... Well, no maybe' about it, I am a control freak... Maybe I'm not thinking about this logically... Who knows!

I have seen many people that takes what Dr's, friends or family says at face value or the law... They sit around and do nothing or they sit in their little rocking chairs and let life pass them by... They are afraid to go do anything because something might happen... That isn't living, that's existing... Something or anything can happen while sitting there doing nothing... There are no guarantees... There are more accidents in the home than anyplace else... I will vouch for this personally... I can see doing nothing for a short time or to relax... Then I see others who get out and do whatever they can do while they can... They may have alot of problems or have disabilities, but they don't let that stop them from living and being part of things... They may not be able to do things like someone that physically fit... But they do what they can... And if people keep telling them they can't, eventually they are going to stop trying all together...

There is some people I know that will let everyone decide for them and maybe that is smart... I guess I'm not that smart... I may fail at whatever I try to do, but I refuse to not try or not do something if I'm able to do it... Even though, there are times I need to go about doing what I want in a smarter and safer way... :)

This is my soap box topic today...

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Anonymous said...

While as my little adopted daughter knows! I have been under the judgement of the medical world and of how others judge you for many more years than most! And I ask Lord have mercy on me and those like me! I have always asked before I had to take one test after anouther just to have one more day of life in this world or not! Is it all worth it?

And yet as each day passes I learn how hard it is to walk within the shadow of death daily each and every day! The only difference between folks that dont have nor understand such problems is that the sick often see this world as it really is! As it is for those put into the powers of this world and what did God tell you about who is currently in power! God allowed them in that power position for His purpose not theirs or ours! While the devil may be in power but never forget God is in control!

Knowing that, we must learn to be content with where. For God has put you where you are and never forget others have been there and done it too, and for a longer time than you or I!

And look at what you have learned from the angony and pains! Which is a gift which only opens the door wider for you to be closer to Him! Whereas others who have not suffered must struggle harder to figure it all out!

For me I just thank God for how the judges of this world are always telling me to do this or that! And realize how foolish some of them are and in knowing this perhaps I can maybe gain some God's wisdom?

Thank You Father for teaching me your way being far better than this world's ego and vanity and in knowing He is the REAL judge of us all!

Humility is a wonderful tool for those of us who don't have an earthly Phd! Oh my a Phd is that given from this world or God's? Hmmm seems like a lot of folks with Phd's seem to suffer from Phd God's syndrome! And forget they are not God, and that they are just in power for the moment but God is in controlof all of us with or without Phd's! And He is in control of them as well as you and me!

I pray my experience will help any wo have had to struggle with what thise in power do over them! Which sometimes is good as well as not so good! But remember God so loved the world He gave His only begotton that we might have life and have it more abundantly! What more could I want? For look how He suffered over and because of the judges of this world that I might have real life!!!!

Again I pray my words and testimony may be of help to others who are in pain of the ways of this world!

Love Pappy