Friday, December 8, 2006

Christmas Shoes

I was on a website the other night and they were listing thier pick of the worst Christmas songs. The worst being the song Christmas Shoes.
When I seen that they placed this as thier worst and the reason being is that it is sappy. I couldn't help but think about the idea that they missed the point of the song.
This song is all about the gift of giving and the reward of that gift changing the person that gave. This little boy's mom is dying and it's Christmas Eve. He wants to buy some special shoes for her so she looks pretty when she meets Jesus. He knows how important it was when she was younger and how a special pair of shoes would make her smile. This is a gift he wanted to give her. He goes to the store and the guy working thier tells him he doesn't have enough money to buy the shoes.
He is in tears and the man standing behind him see's whats going on and helps him out. Because of this gift the boy was able to give the shoes to his mom right before she passes away, but the greatest miracle was in the mans life. He was so busy with all the things around him, he lost track of his family and what is really important.
If anyone gets a chance to see this movie or hear the song. You should do that. It has a great message. It is a sad show, but in a very inspirational way. Anyone who doesn't like this song, misses the point of it and what the real message of Christ's death is all about. You can check out the song and music video at
I know you will enjoy it. Have a box of kleenex with you.

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Anonymous said...

Oh My,

As usual the world is filled with critics vanity vanity vanity. When human ego and vanity is in the light of those whom behold a message and forget the meaning all goodness becomes lost in the mist of human error.

As it was told we love to find the errors of others but we cherish to attack such errors and because of this God's miracles become lost the vanity of us all. The problem is most folks don't recognize that an error and an attack on error are both one and the same thing. What was the error in the Christmas Shoe's? its meaning was lost in mist of human ego. Ego that part of something called pride which is false and without meaning or value! God's words and inspiration always have meaning to someone!

Merry Christmas sent to all with love and devotion!