Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Than A Song

On May 6th around 6 pm. I was listening to K-Love Radio Station in my van. I was heading back from taking my niece to work. A prayer request came across the radio. This lady called in about a neighbor boy who was accidentally shot. She didn’t know the family well. They had just moved in. The boys name is Josh and he is around 13 yrs old. As soon as she called the station, the DJ stopped what he was doing and broke into prayer.

As soon as the prayers were done and more people called in, they played the song Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) by Chris Tomlin. When the part in the song came to where it says “Grace Like Rain, Coming Down”, a brief burst of rain came falling down as I was driving back to Ivins. How weird is that? Or is it weird at all? I guess that depends on who sent the rain at that exact moment.

As I was listening and praying along with the DJ I thought how wonderful it is that we live in a country where we can publicly pray on the radio, and that there is a station that is available that focuses on God. I was also thinking about music in general.

How is it that a certain songs affect us the way they do? I am sure that everyone has a song that speaks to their heart. I can listen to a song many times and it is just a song, That is, until I have an experience that makes that song more then a song. Then that song becomes personal to me and a new meaning comes alive. Do you have a song that speaks to your heart?

I was in the hospital a few years ago and was having a not so good day. Everything was going wrong and they wouldn’t let me go home. I had been there a couple weeks and was getting tired of it. I had my husband bring the radio in, and my fan. If I was going to be there awhile, I wanted to be comfortable. During my prayers or shall I say frustrations, I asked God to send me a sign that things were going to get better and that He was listening to my prayers. In walked one of the night nurses. I had my radio on and I was listening to Christian music. On the radio was the answer to the first part of my prayer. It was just the song I needed to hear. I knew that God was listening and would never leave me. The next two songs were also related to my prayers. I started crying and one of the nurses gave me a puzzled look and asked me what was going on. She wanted to know if I was ok and if I needed anything. I told her God was answering my prayers through the music on the radio. She looked at me a bit oddly and went on about her business. But I knew that God was there and that he heard my prayers. The nurse thought I was nuts, but that’s ok. I got the message that God wanted me to have that night. I didn’t get to go home, but that was ok.

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