Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cleaning Through the Mess and Clutter

Since my mother in law passed away on the 4th. I have been trying to go through things here at my house bits by bits. She lived with my husband and I and my niece and I am shocked at how much there is.

There is lots of books and all kinds of things. I guess alot of stuff I will be giving away to someone and making a memory quilt for my daughters. Well I I will have someone else. I can barely sew on a button,lol. But it is a teadious job. But will be good to have it behind me and have some room.

I am very grateful that my mother in law was a Christian. So that is nice to know that she is happy where she is and that she is at peace and I am sure there is no mess or clutter up there,lol. It is perfect I am sure :)

So my next two weeks or so will be all about Drs and cleaning. Hummm. not sure which is he worse of the two evils.

P.S. The picture on here is in memoray of her. She loved the Arizona Desert and the Suguaro Cactus. We sure miss her and envy her at the same time. She is where it is beautiful.

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