Monday, August 25, 2008

Its A New Day

Today is Monday and lets see if we get this off to a good start. I started my dy by going to the ENT. That wasn't so good. He stuck this light down my nose. I told him things aren't suppose to go up your nose like that, lol. He didn't listen to me. He did it anyhow. Ughhh, not wanting to repeat that for nothing in the world. Although I will be doing that in a month. They said there was some kind of growth on my lyranax? on spelling that. So we will see how that goes. But other then that all is well. I don't feel the need to vent (knock on wood). But I hope everyone is having a good day and my thoughts and prayers are with nancy that is in the hopsital in Washington.

On a good note as well. That site that posted nasty stuff about her took the post down. I am pleased about that. I don't feel people should hurt others like that without knowing the person or the situation.

God Bless everyone and keep smiling...

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