Sunday, September 28, 2008

Been a Busy Busy Week

Now that this week is over, I think I can take a breather... We had our Missionary Conference at church. We had Missionaries from Ethiopia, MAF, Ukraine, Dixie Care and Share and Hope Pregnancy Center. It was interesting to see what is going on in the lives our our Missionaries and around the world. We hear about different experiences. But it is great to hear first hand what they are doing. But this conference was a 4 day event that was filled with alot of running around, listening and getting to know each other.

Other then that, this week I have just had Drs appointments and waiting on test results. So now I am hoping for a somewhat calm week ahead. We will see, so that means that I am sure that something will go on,lol.

The Picture on this post is from Hope Pregnancy Center. Thanks for all you do over at Hope Tracie

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