Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thinking Back to When the War Began

Last night was watching the news that the bailout didn't pass and a thought came to my mind about something that Bin Laden said or some of his goonies.

One of the things he was hoping would happen after the 9-11 was for the financial system to fail here in the United States. As I am listening to all the things that are going on, I believe he is getting what he wanted. I don't know if the bailout is a good thing or bad thing. I am wishy washy on that. Wow, I should go into politics. That seems to be a characteristic of most of them,lol. But, back to my thought... Whether it is a good or bad thing, our economy is having a difficult time and we may be in the begging or are in a recession. I think we are in the birth pains of a recession myself. I think that all depends on what economic status each of us are in. Some feel it more then others and have different thoughts. If anyone listens to Glen Beck on CNN, this is one of the issues I have to agree with him on. Ughhhhhhh, that horrible word RECESSION...

One other small thought... I can't decide who the best candidate will be to handle this situation. I just hope it is someone that has experience and knows what they are doing when they get into the White House... They have a mess to clean up there.. Bring in the bulldosers and heavy equipment... This could be a long messy cleanup

OK,,, I'm all done now. Have a good day

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