Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its a Sad Day

Today after my Drs appointment I went to the Ivins Animal Shelter. I was talking to officer Robin and it was sad when she was telling me that someone left this cute little dog tied to thier door at the shelter. Atleast they did just let the dog go and maybe get hit. But I think it is sad that people have so little reguard for animals. If people are going to get a dog, please be responsible.

There are many animals that needs to find a good home. There is this one dog. He reminds me of my Brandie. If anyone knows me, they know how important and how much I love my Brandie that went to doggie heaven. But this boy dog looks like her and has so much personality. He is a cutie. I sure hope he finds a GOOD FOREVER HOME...

Robin was funny though. All the dogs were barkign when we entered. She was armed with a water gun, lol. Thats how she keeps them at bay and it was funny seeing how they react to the water. Although I think they liked it more then afraid of it, lol. But we won't tell her that. There are alot of pets looking for good homes, please take some time to check out your local animal shelter and save a life.

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