Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some Things I Just Don't Get

I just can't understand how a parent can do harm to thier child. I'm talking about Casey Anthony. What goes on in a persons mind that makes them act like they do. Sometimes I just want to shake or pop some sense into people. But would that really help? I doubt it. But it would be nice...

Caylee disappeared in mid-June, and her mother waited nearly a month before reporting the disappearance, authorities said. Since then, evidence has mounted that Caylee is dead, authorities said.

How can a person much less a mother not want to find her child. I just don't understand the mentality of it all. But then I guess if I did, then there would be a whole other problem.

I do pray that Caylee Anthony will be found alive. Although I don't see that happening at this time. But you never know what will happen. Look at Elizabeth Smart. Everyone thought she had to have been dead. There was no way she would be alive since so much time has passed. But one she was found and she was alive. I remember when that came across my TV that Elizabeth was found. There was no need for a last name. Everyone knew. I didn't know that girl, but I was overjoyed.

Then I think about poor Madeline McCain. Are they ever going to find her? I pray they find her alive and well as well. There are so many missing children and adults. We are warned in the Bible about the lack of concience and children going against thier parents and vice versa. It is horrible to see it actually happening though. My prayers are with these families and all of the families that have gone through this horror.

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