Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Price Of Gas Drives Me Nuts

It drives me nuts when I go to the gas station and spend almost $100.00 to fill my van. Ughhhhh what the heck is going on? Someone must be getting richer, and it sure isn't me! Some say it is the governments fault, others the Saudi's and yet others the storms. All I know is that who ever is to blame, this is nuts and I can't wait for the prices to go lower. I am sure that everyone in some way is being affected, even P Diddy had to give up his private jet due to high gas. Ok. I don't think I have much sympathy for him. But obviously this shows that everyone is being effected by the high costs.

A customer at my work was making a comment one day about how he had to choose between the cost of food or the cost of gas. Both are out of control because of the high fuel costs. Everything trinkles down. Then I think about how owners of gas stations raise the price of gas to those that are in hardships to begin with like those that are trying to save thier lives by leaving ahead of the storm. And people had to choose to stay because they couldn't afford or get gas. Whats up with that. But, ok, I am done venting now. Atleast for today... Well maybe

Ok, good thing I didn't promise, but what also gets me is when we see the prices drop. Here in Utah, or atleast in our area it is $3.89 and everyone is commenting on how nice it is that it is going lower. Hmmm, I don't see the logic in that and I think it is terrible that we are conditioned to think $3.89 is good. Ok, now Im done...

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