Sunday, September 7, 2008

There are just some of those days

There isn't a whole lot going on today. I more or less just vegged out. I have been tired most of the day. My daughter and grandsons came over for dinner. I made enchilada, refried beans, spanish rice and chips and dips. It was nice having them over. They do live in the same area I do. So that is nice.

Right now nothing is going on. My husband has gotten into playing Game Lounge on Direct Tv and my niece is watching a goofy show. And I am here typing in here that I am doing nothing but typing in here, lol. But overall, today was a do nothing day, even though I should have gone to church and I stayed in bed till 1:30. Wow, I must have been more tired then I thought I was. So I am signing off and calling it another moment in time.

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