Monday, September 8, 2008

Do You Believe In Angels? You May Now...

On August the 4th my mother in law passed away. It was a sad occassion, but something awesome did happen.

My daughter Beckiah and my grandsons went to go visit my mother in law at the care center. We knew it would be anytime till she passed away and went to be with the Lord. Beckiah was there for about an hour or so. She was upset and knew this woould be the last time she would see her grammy. After Beckiah left, this lady that was in the room next to my mother in laws room came in to be with her. Her name is Helen, and all throughout the day she would go in and hold moms hands when people wasn't there. About an hour or so after Beckiah left, Helen was holding her hand and crying.

When she looked up, there was a group of young people that was getting ready to sing. Helen said they were lovely and thought it was nice that our church sent over these young people. They sang songs to mom for about 30 minutes and then she said they left. She said it was beautiful and enjoyed it. The CNA heard them, but didn't see them. What was interesting is that nobody seen them come in or out of the room. And at our church, we have no young people. My niece Bridgette is the youngest and only teen there. All others are senior citizens but us. We are in our 40's. So we are the youngest family there. We also don't have a choir. We have three people that leed music and a piano and organ. And she is a bit tone deaf. And shortly after that my brother in law and myself entered the room and mom took her last breath. Helen was sitting there holding her hand and crying and upset. But mom looked like she was so peaceful. Can you imagine being brought home to God by Gods Angels, WOW, that would be awesome.

I was a bit jealous of her getting to see them and to see God. But that is something we all have to look forward to when we know Jesus and have accepted Him as our Lord and Savior.

My good friend and pappy told me that I should share this. And he is right. This is something that can give anyone peace that is facing death. Just to think that angels are with us when we cross that threshold and enter into Gods presence...

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