Monday, September 1, 2008

Waiting to See Who Wins Big Brother 10

I like to watch Big Brother 10, well the other seasons too. But I am sooooooo happy that Ollie and Michelle got booted this week. But not very happy about Jerry winning HOH(Head of Household) and that Memphis won the POV (Power of Veto. But what can you do. I am hoping that Memphis won't take Dan off the block and that Dan will be the one evicted this week and Jerry next week. Even though he is 75 yrs old. That has nothing to do with him deserving to win $500.000. I hope Keesha wins it all or Renny. They are both funny, even though Keesha has a odd laugh. But both are good people and would do good things with the money. I even like Memphis... He has played a good game.

I was thinking though. What would I do if I had $500.000? I know I would blow some of it. But I think it would be awesome to move somewhere where there is alot of green trees. Not what they call trees here in Southern Utah. Yuckkkk. It would be nice to have real water. Not what they call lakes here. In other places they would call them ponds, lol. I think it would be awesome to also open a mom and pop style restraunt. Where you don't have to hire a bunch of people and not a complicated menu. Just simple homemade food. Wouldn't that be good. But thats what I would want to do and the rest I would figure out later one. Well, I would have to get a house, but not in Southern Utah... All my money would be gone on a shack... Too expensive here.

P.s. I can't beleive that my favorite show ER will be in its last season this year... Gloom and Doom... Gloom and Doom!

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