Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Did We Do Before Cell Phones?

Ok, today just isnt one of my days at all. I wake up to go to the Drs office. Well really to call the Drs to let them know I wasn't going to go to the office and I go to make the call. No servce... I called and they said " there is 145.00 in texting charges".... WHAT... So as they went through it all, I found out that a phone that doesn't have texting is able to text and that is alot of texting. My niece has the phone my mother in law had. Never knew it did that and now I know. So, now I am ticked off that I have to pay for texting on a phone that never should have had the capabilities to do that. Hummmm, why is it that we think about the inconvenience of not having a cell for a day or so. We lived a long time without one and our ansestors lived eons without a phone at all. Wonder what life would be like to not have somethign attached to your ears. But Im yelling at Sprint and getting upset and had to calm down, but in the end I still have to pay it. It just ticks me off and I am sure it will tick off my neice when she realizes she has to pay the money to me since she texted, yikes, should be an interesting night in the Divan household. So this is my vent blog today... Can't promise there won't be another one

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