Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Layout

Ok... now alot of you will wonder what the heck is Sandie doing with a basketball background on here. Well...I love the Phoenix Suns. In reality, they are the only team in my mind that really counts. Although I think it is terrible that they have Shaq on the Suns. I think they should send him to San Antonio or something and let him ruin thier teams.

But it is basketball season now and I am looking forward to it. I one day would like to go to a Phoenix Suns and Utah jazz game. Of course in Utah, lol. But I would like to hold up a sign that says " NOT ALL PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN UTAH LIKE THE SPAZZ".. Not sure what the reaction would be, but that would be fun to do. Of course have to sit close to the front, like in 5th row and also wear a Steve Nash Shirt or Phx Suns shirt, lol. Hummm, not sure if I am looking for trouble or not... But what the hey, this could be fun. Would be funner if Shaq wasn't on the same court as the Suns though. Hmmmmmmm, I won't go there on that anymore...

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