Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back to work... Well somewhat :)

I finally got one of my Drs to sign my medical release to go to work. Which is nice. I have missed going to work. It gives me something to do that is outside of my own world and focus on something else. When my daughters were growing up, I was always on the run and didn't work because I needed or wanted to do the mom thing.

But yesterday started off on a more then horrible note when Mickey died (My daughters dog). But he died, and Jason buried him at thier house and put his favorite toy and collar in the grave. I feel so bad for her. I can feel for her. When I lost Brandie, I thought my world was gonna end. I still have Brandie on my phone and I think of her probably every day and pray that there is a doggie heaven. I don't see how there can't be one. Animals love us unconditionally and know when we are upset and mourn as well. How can they not have a place in heaven. I hope that my Brandie is waiting for me when I get to heaven.

But on a less sad note: I did go to work last night. I only worked 5 hours, but it was nice getting back to doing something outside of going to Drs. And I also filled in today for a few hours. Im not sure if they are gonna put me on a scedule or if they are gonna use me as a fill in... But either way, it works.

I am gonna go and I hope everyone has a good night... And as a reminder, go out and vote... Most states are having early voting, so no reason not too.

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