Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Much Going On...

Well, today is one of those unique days. Nothing really happening. Trying to figure out what is for dinner. Bridgette went to a friends house. Which is good. She either works, plays on her computer or grumbles. Hummm, sounds a bit like me. I don't always work though. I just go in when they call me.

But I did go to Shilohs today and got Bridgettes ticket to the Tender TouchGala for this Saturday. She is gonna play photographer for me. My friend Brenda and Stephanie is going to go with me. I just have to get to the store to find me a fair of dress pants. Well, I might... I will have to see. But it will be a nice night. If you are a lady and live in Soutern Utah, you should go get a ticket. It is a full dinner, with all the fixings. You will be waited on and pampered. Kenna Turner West will be performing. It will be a nice night to get out without the kids and husbands :).

I have been also working on my churches newsletter. I will post my article on what I am thankful for on here after I get it published. I am gonna go now and I hope everyone has a good evening.


cutelilVictoria said...

Sandie! Long time no see! How are you? Come join my blog followers of 1 which is Christy. But at least we'd be able to keep in touch and know what the other's up to!


Sandie said...

Hey there, yeah it has been some time. I would love to join your blog watchers. :). BTW how has life been with you

See Ya Later, Sandie