Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shake Them Up..

As we talk to people, or I talk to people. There are times I want to just shake some sense into them or throw a bucket of cold water on them to wake them up..

I just don't get how some can think it is ok to beleive that if we are good then we will go to Heaven. Being good isn't a pre-requiset for going to heaven. We must accept Christ and admit that we are sinners. There are so many people that think you can beleive just about anything, and it is ok. Oh My Goodness, what the heck are they thinking. Didn't God give them a brain to think with? I know, you are all going to say, He also gave free will. They must chose to follow Him... But God chose us and loves us... With the way the world is now... Don't you think people would love the idea that someone loves them so much and that no matter what they do. God still loves them. He gets hurt when we do things wrong, but thats because he loves us and cares. I know when my kids do stupid things, well, when I do stupid things as well, that I still love them and I know they love me. Even when they get flabergasted with me, lol. But hey, isn't that what moms are for. We are suppose to love them and parent them,lol. Although my daughters are married and have kids of thier own now... But no matter what, they are still my daughters and I love them no matter what they do. I would give my life for them. But isn't that what God did for us. He gave us His Son Jesus Christ. Christ died for us because He loved us, even in our horribe unclean way. Our Father God, loves us.... Ughhhh why can't people see that... Is it because they are blind? Do they not have a concious? Don't they care? Don't they want someone to love them when they are down and hurting and everyone else has turned away...

Ok, I am done now... well, maybe., I might add more later. :)

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