Monday, October 13, 2008

Finally... It is Cooling Down

Wow, what a nice change we are experiencing here in Southern Utah. We were in the upper 90's not too long ago and in the past few days we were in the 50's and 60's... Yeah... I am so glad. I am not a summer person. You can only take off so much cloths before getting arrested. But now, it looks like fall is finally here. We needed it, although some may disagree with me on that one. Seems alot of people move to this area because they like the hotter then Hades temperatures. But not me... I am not a person that wants to get too use to the heat, lol

Other then the heat and me being happy about the lack of it. I have been doing not too much. Tonight I went to a safety meeting thing at Ruby River Steak House. It was a free dinner if you listened to what they had to say. It was interesting, but I didn't want to buy anything. Although fire safety is something we should all be concerned about. So make sure you check your extingushers and smoke detecters. But other then that, thats what I did tonight. My daughter Jessica has been wondering I am sure why I haven't been answering her calls most of the day... But let me tell you that I love her... What is funny too, is that as soon as I wrote this, she called me on the phone... Wonder if that is ESP or what??? But I am sure she is use to me not answering the phone...

Now I am going to get off here and talk to Jessica on the phone. It is hard for me to type and talk at the same time. But then she says that I have a hard time doing anythign at the same time. Hummmm. should smack her down if she wasn't living in North Carolina.

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