Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back Home- YEAH

I just pulled in not so long ago, right around 9pm or so. I left Phx this morning around 10 am. What a trip it was though. God had to have been with us on this one.

Let me first start off with yesterday;

I leave Elfrida Az around 2 pm. We went to Willcox Az to say bye to Bridgettes brothers and then was heading to Phx. But as I was pulling out of my parents driveway, my van wouldn't start. Yeppers, that is right. No power what so ever... Dead as a door nail. It was odd though. About an hour before, I started the van, NO PROBLEMO at all. But it was not going to be that way at all.

Dad jump starts my van and I call Chuck to tell him what is going on. He said it will be fine because the alternator will charge the battery. But my thought was with the reasoning behind it not working. But I get to Willcox and we drive up to Monicas house. She is my brothers ex wife and Bridgettes Aunt. I turn off the van, and guess what? NO power again. It died again. Ughhhhhhhhhhh, was I bit stressed or what. We pop open the hood and find a crack in the battery. So I call Chuck and he gets the location for a Auto Zone in Willcox and $90.00 later, I am on the road again. I am headed to Phx with a new battery I didn't want to spend money on. But it was good that someone was home and in town to help us... Thank you God for that one.

Then this morning... I am at a friends house. We spent the night in Phx and I was suppose to meet this lady named Lynne. She is a boxer dog foster mom like I am. I was/did bring a boxer up here to find a special forever home for her. Her name is Bonnie, but we nicknamed her Nellie since she gets nervouse all the time, lol. Very sweet, but underweight. Ok, now back to my story. I am getting ready to leave my friends house, and low and behold, a flat tire. Ughhhhhhhh again. I went to the gas station to put gas in and air and find out that the tire didn't want to hold air. But it did for a short time and I figured I would stop off in Wickenburg to get a new tire. But fate stepped in and no places were open because it is Sunday... Normally I would think that is good, but not today. So I filled the tire again and watched it. I was prepared to have to have a friend that went with us change it if it needed it. But what happened is that we got back to Utah, put air in every now and then and no changed tire. I know that God had to have been the one in control this week. I drove almost 500 miles with a tire that was having issues. I am glad that God knew what to do to make sure the air was in there for the safe trip home. So now Chuck can change it in the morning when he wakes up and sees it is flat.

We are home now and I am washing my pillows and going to take a shower and get a good nights sleep I am hopeing and have Chuck rub my back... I am sure he will know he will have to do that, lol.

I am going to close on this for now, and you all have a good night and sweet dreams...

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JenJen said...

Glad to have you home lady. I have an idea for my basket I would like you to make. So whenever you feel like talking to someone give me a jingle. Glad you had a good trip.