Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hmmmmm, Who Will Win Tongiht?

I am glad that tonight is the elections. I just hope there isn't any stupid things that happen in Florida to make us wait and have to hear more. I am sure that Obama is going to win... How do I know this? Well, I just know,lol. But I think that no matter who wins, it is going to be a rough time for them. He/He or He/She will have a hard time trying to clean up the mess that Bush is leaving behind.

I was reading a message that was posted on Myspace from DJ Lex and I have to agree with what he had to say. I think that each state should have it where they are split according to what percentage of votes they get. He was stating how here in Utah thier are 5 electoral votes. If it is 60% for McCain, then McCain should get 40 % of the Electoral Votes and Obama the 40%. That makes complete sense to me... But then when does politics make alot of sense. I don't see some of the issues they think are important, as being important.

I will be watching the elections tonight and am soooooooooooo ready for someone new. I know who I want and that would be Obama. I just can't deal with 4 yrs of McCains wife. Its like she is above anyone else. I am sure that McCain would do a good job. And on that note, I think that any Republican would have a hard time this year considering how bad the last 8 yrs has been. My husband Chuck was looking at who the worse President in History was, and all of them stated that Bush was by over 70 %. Wow, thats a lot of people who don't agree with Bush... But what can I say, his reign is almost over and we are onto something new. I am ready for that.

With living in Utah and it being a Republican state, I have heard alot of people who claim they are voting the moral choice, and yet they live immoral. I don't see how they think McCain is the moral choice. Now granted Palin is Christian, but should that be the deciding factor is someones capabilities? I think not, but then again, who am I to say... So I am going to close on this for today and I am sure that I will write more on this either tonight or tommorrow.

I do hope that everyone gets out to vote... Even if it isn't for the one I want, vote... This election is going to make history no matter who wins...

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