Thursday, November 6, 2008

It was a full day...

Today started off kinda yucky. I had to go to the Dr and they put this tube down my throat. I don't advise anyone doing that. It is no fun at all. Nothing I would want to repeat any time soon. But I am sure I will have to on the 12th. They are keeping an eye on something in my esophogus. So this will be a whole new kind of adventrue that I do not want to take.... If anyone wants to take my place, let me know.

After that I went to my church and did the bullitins. That was easy enough. It is always nice seeing everyone there. And it is easy. All I do is copy and fold. How much easiercan it be? Well, the machine could fold, but it isn't a biggie at all.

Then I had the Community Services Expo meeting. It went well. We went over the things that happened on the day of the Expo and what we need to change next year. Really there wasn't too much. Most said we need more advertising and also to pull the booths in closer. I agree totally with that. I thought I was gonnna die by the time I got around to all of them when I was making sure they were all ok and if they needed anything. But all in all, things went fine, not much else is happening.

I hope you all have a good night and God Bless

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