Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday JJ= 1 yrs old

Wow, it has been a year now and you are officially a year old... You are a very speical boy who has a mommy and daddy that love you and your G-Ma (ME) loves you too. I hope you have a great day and that mommy gives you everything you want. Although I think she does that anyhow, lol. You are a tad bit spoiled in case your mommy and daddy hasn't told you that yet.

There has been a lot that has happened in the year since you were born. You have learned how to say dadda, you can eat food on your own, you can drink from a sippy cup, well somewhat. You can drive your momma crazy. Three cheers for doing that one, lol. You have touched the hearts and lives of everyone you meet and you have just rcently learned how to walk. Way to go JJ. Your Awesome...

I am planning on making a trip out there at some time and will see you. We will go do something fun and exciting. Maybe we will go to your grandpas favorite place. That would be Chucky Cheese. He is a big mouse you know. But even though I am not in NC, I am very much thinking of you and also thinking that I need to get your present out and on its way to you. Its such a big box and G-Ma has to lift it to get it mailed. That is easier said then done you know.

But to my Mister Mister, have a great Birthday and have fun. I love you very much and give G-Ma a call when you see this message, well have your momma call G-Ma..


cutelilVictoria said...

Over the weekend when I'm at my sister's house I'll probably put a picture of it on my blog. And my nieces. You haven't seen them since Taci was a baby. They're so darn cute. I'm coming down to St. George/Cedar City this weekend for Casey's homecoming. Do you remember Casey? My ex-boyfriend Casey who worked at Lin's? Yeah, I know. It's weird.

JenJen said...

Happy Birthday JJ. You are a big boy and a special one to boot. You touched so many lives while you were visiting here. I hope you have a great birthday and keep up the good work.


Sandie said...

Hey there Victoria, Yeah I remember Casey... When did he get back here? I knew he went on a mission, but that was the last time. It would be awesome to see some pictures, and tell Casey hey for me... :)