Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Secret Life of Bee's

Last night I went to the movies with my friend. We went to go see Secret of the Bees with Queen Latifa and Dakoda Fanning. I was thinking it was going to be sadder. But it was sad in the sense that blacks had no rights in the 60's and the thought of them getting beaten for wanting to have equal rights. It was sad also to see that a child felt that she didn't deserve to be loved and that she was abandoned.

What comes to mind is that much of this is happening still today. There are racists all over the world who still beleive that blacks are lesser then animals. I don't understand that idea though. God created all people to be equal. God created people of all colors, race and size. Then I think on this girl Caylee Anthony who is missing in Florida. Her mother sits in jail on murder charges. She shows no remorse or love for her child. She is all about herself. We see on the news everyday how parents are abandoning thier children. Shoot in one state, they are even abandoning teenagers. Hummmm. thats off the wall for sure.

But I guess in alot of ways society has gotten better, but at what cost. I do think it is awesome to see that people of all races are running the country and that Obama was elected. I can only imagine what those who were slaves, those who were beaten would think about that. They probably never thought the world would be as it is now. Hmmmmmm, just thinking on that. Not just in the race way, but life in general. Say, like our pioneers, or those from just a couple hundred years ago. The world has changed so much.

But in closing, check out the movie. It is a bit harsh.... But has alot of great moments and purpose. it will make you think and it will make you thank God we live when we do...

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