Thursday, November 20, 2008

Poor Bridgette

I feel bad for Bridgette. Today she had one of her teeth pulled in the back of her mouth. She was having alot of pain with it. She had a root canal done, but there must have been a live nerve in there somewhere. She had to have it surgerically removed. She did good even though she was afraid. I think she inherited alot of my side of the families tooth problems. Its pretty sad when a 17 yr old has to have a tooth pulled out. It was brittle and breaking away. But after tonight, it should be better and she shouldn't be in much pain. She might be uncomfortable. But the worse will be over soon. I am proud of how good she did today. She was and is a brave little soul :)

Other then that, all is well. I have been a slacker today other then doing my churches bullitins and Bible Study. We only have two more lessons and then we should be done with Ephesians. It is a good study though, hard to get the grasp at first, but good. I think we are doing the book of James next. So will see how that goes and how difficult it will be.

But now I am going to get ready to do my Decembers Christmas newsletter. We will see how that goes and I still need to do my article.

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