Sunday, December 14, 2008

GPS for Nativities- What is the World Coming To?

I was listening to K Love Radio Station the other day and noticed that this news was on yahoo as well. One of the security services, I believe it is Brinks Security has offered their services during the Christmas Season and for the sole purpose of not having Christmas Decorations and especially Nativity Scenes stolen. What I thought was interesting is what they lady said on the radio. She doesn't know why someone would steal the baby Jesus when His gift is free for everyone. All you have to do is ask.

I don't understand why people feel they need to ruin Christmas for someone else by stealing what belongs to them. I guess it just shows how desperate people can be when they feel they have nothing else. But when I heard this lady, I had to think on that. Jesus is the greatest gift. He is more then a plastic baby that is on our front lawns with lights showing on Him. Jesus is alive in each of us if we just ask. Although many people have a hard time asking for help when they are in need and will continue searching and the signs are right in front of us. Its one of those "HERE'S YOUR SIGN" moments or a DUH moment.

I'm trying not to focus so much on what I am going to get for others, but the time I spend with them and that this season isn't about me... It's about Jesus Christ, our LORD and SAVIOUR.

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