Monday, December 15, 2008

Let It Snow... Let It Snow... :)

Ok, I know I am probably one of the few that is really happy to see that we are getting snow. Yepppers, we can see white stuff falling from the skies and it is a reality and I have the pictures to prove it. How awesome is that?

I love the snow, and the snow seems to put me in the spirit of Christmas. Even though Christmas should be everyday, but there is something about snow that cleans the air and the spirit. My husband doesnt like snow. I will sing the song Let it Snow, Let It Snow and he will sing Let it Go, Let it Go,lol. I don't know how you all feel about snow. But I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee It!

My dogs do too. I put a pic of them playing in the snow as well


Christy said...

Lucky!! None of the snow falling at my house stuck. :(

Sandie said...

Where are you at that you haven't gotten any snow. I was able to make a snowman, full sized and then my dogs thought they would be funny and knocked it over and started to eat poor frosty. What a But we have about 2 inches or more in our area. And huge flakes too. The ones I posted here was as the snow started. But now we have gobs of it. :) You can come and play in my snow if you want. Too bad this isn't next week

JenJen said...

Love thepicture of Maverick flying in the snow.