Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cardinals Are Going to the Super Bowl

Normally, I am not a big football fan at all. But we lived in Phx and have alot of friends and family in Az. When I heard that there was a chance they could go to the Super Bowl. I thought someone was on drugs. But I heard it right. They won over Philadelphia. Wow, not sure how that happened. I am a big fan of the Phoenix Suns, so I guess this is gonna be one of those weird years that I watch the Super Bowl. I was wondering what I needed a 70" Big Screen for, well, now I know. My daughter Jessica and her husband like to watch football. Maybe she will post some highlights from today's game on here.

Other things going on:

I finished the wedding reception with the help of my brother in law last night. Everyone said it looked great and it went off without a hitch. Rose and John are very happy together. I thought it was really sweet how much he declared his love for her. Our friend Rose lost her husband Bill a couple years ago, and it is nice to see that God put someone in her life that would love and cherish her and someone to fill his void in his life. I pray they have a happy and joyous marriage.

Happy Birthday Craig

Yesterday(Jan 17th) was Craigs birthday as well. We didn't get to do much for him. But I hope he had a good day anyhow. He helped me with Kids Club at my work. I want to thank him for that. He really is a lot of help in many ways. Not only when I have projects, but he knows his medical stuff and is a good friend.

After the recieption, I came home and was dead tired. I think every muscle in my body hurt. But in a couple days I will feel back to myself and be fine. But I was too sore and tired to do that. So I stayed in bed till 1 pm or so. Chuck and I was going to go to the car show in Mesquite Nv today.

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