Friday, January 16, 2009

The Inauguration of Barack Obama

I am sure there is alot of things going through peoples minds about the inauguration and Barack Obama. Some of the things I am thinking on is:

1. Are our troops going to come home?
2. The economy and employment
3. I think it is awesome that Rick Warren and other religious leaders is going to be there and praying over our country. We should all pray for the leaders of our country, no matter what party they belong to.
4. I wonder how difficult things are going to be before they get better.
5. I gets me how so many are concerned with what Michelle is going to wear,lol. Hummm not sure if that's a first priority.
6. I think it is cool how we are making history. I was in my pastors office the other day. And he had a poster up that had all the pictures of the presidents. Obama was on there and I couldn't help but think about how far this country has come.
7. I think about the atheists who are trying to block God from the inauguration. I already got into that once, so I won't again.
8. I wonder about the security and how ugly that car is that they have to drive around in. Although it is safe they say, lol. But you know something, the Titanic sank. So I hope they have a backup plan.
9. I hope that eventually the bailouts stop and that people and companies can stand and will stand on their own.
10. I pray that Obama makes the right choices to the best of his ability and that God blesses everyone.
11.I should add, that I am glad to hear that he is going to adopt a rescue dog rather then one from a pet shop...
12. I am really glad the elections are over and we as a country and get on about our business.

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