Thursday, January 8, 2009

Homes for as little as $1,000

This is something that I have thought about ever since all the foreclosures and people living on the streets because they can't afford their homes.

For Example This Headline Today on YAHOO:

The real estate market is so awful that buyers are now scooping up homes for as little as $1,000.

I am sure many are like wow, thats an awesome deal, but I think it is terrible. Banks are repossessing homes from families, putting them on the street and the houses sit empty for what seems like months and sometimes over a year because nobody has the money to buy them. But then you get people that list a house for $1000.00. How about if they gave the previous homeowner a break and offered to sale it to them cheaper or give them some time to get on their feet. Rather then leaving the house empty and selling it for what amounts to a 1 month house payment in most areas. That's horrible.

There are families and people on the street and yet the banks will cut this kind of a deal and cut their losses. What about the losses of these families. Alot of people lose their homes because of medical reasons, sudden unemployment bad luck and yes, sometimes due to their own ways.

If the banks are willing to take that kind of a loss, why not work with the families longer then normally and find out why they can't pay. Give them a break. Guaranteed, soon you will get more then the $1000.00 you are asking for. I can also understand that people need to be responsible and that banks will work with you up to a certain amount of time. I guess I just don't get how someone can throw someone out for close to the amount or well over the amount and then sell the same house for so little.

Where do I send some V8 to for these banks? maybe if someone hit them over the head after doing something stupid, they would say" Gee, I could have had a V8", but in their case, "Gee, I can make more if I show COMPASSION"


sarahgibby said...

Hey Sandie, I just got your comment on my blog. How's it going. It was good to hear from you.

Sandie said...

Hi Sarah. How is things going for you and the kids. I can't remember how it is that I found you, I think I just came upon your name,lol... And thought. OH I know her, lol