Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alert: This is My Pity Me Post, lol

OK, so last night I got home after getting stuff for a wedding reception I am doing. Craig and I went to Tai Pans to get some awesome deals. So that was fun. But after some running around and going to get Bridgette from her work, I came home to water all over my kitchen and invading my dining room area and the area where my computer is located. Ughhhhhhhh, not a good thing at all. I got home around 9:30 and not sure how long water was spraying all over the back of the house and inside the house. Still not good...

Bridgette and myself are not in a good mood about what to do about this problem. We try to call our landlord, which by the way is a plumber... Did he answer, nope! He was asleep I gather. The people that live behind us is on the same water line, so guess what that is going to do to them. But I call Chuck and ask him what to do. He is a truck driver and not home. He tells me to call the landlord... Well, that has already been done to no avail. So right now I am thinking we need to get the water off to stop it from flying out of the pipes. So we go out to the front with wrenches in hand, and guess what? It is so blasted hard to turn that we can't get it off. Not a good thing at all. This is 10:00 by now, and I am not a happy camper at all. And I am getting madder by the minute. Poor Bridgette, I am sure she wanted to go somewhere else. So now I am resorting to calling someone from church to come over and try to get this water off. Which by the way will make it so the house behind us will have no water. But that is what happened. We got the water off and Bridgette was working on getting the water out of the kitchen. Now I have to go rent a steam cleaner to get all the rest of the water out of the carpet, because the wet vac won't take it all out.

OK, So now is the other kicker. I have been feeling yucky for a couple weeks, and last night with being wet and in the cold for over an hour, now I am fully sick. So this has not been a good 24 hours. OK, now I am done complaining and griping about the water heater... I think atleast.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better.
I love you!