Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am so happy.... You may be wondering why that is, so let me take a moment to tell you.
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I have been waiting and waiting for this.... So here is my take on what happened tonight and who I liked and not liked.


Scott McIntyre, he is the guy that was blind. I thought he was great. And what I thought was good is that he can hear how he sounds and not like some that audition.

Liked the Girl with the tattoos from Phoenix. She was really good. I don't think she was my style, but I liked her.

Also liked the girl that is 16 that works with senior citizens. I was surprised by her voice.

I also liked that girl named Stevie. I don't think she would get far, but she was OK.


The girl that was Kara's favorite fan. She is a tad bit obsessive.. Don't need another weird scenario like what happened to Paula.

The girl in the bathing suit. What is up with that. I think that she just got on there as a joke.

I felt bad for the guy that could only talk in base. What is up with that. But someone should have told him he can't sing. He seemed nice enough.

So this is Sandie's recap of night one of auditions for American Idol. So lets see what tomorrow night brings.


Anonymous said...

I was just watching where the lady in the bathing suit came in LOL and Paula stood up. Too funny
Love you

Sandie said...

lol, i know what a joke. Who is your favorite so far. Watch the last guy and the girl named Deanna. They are really good. I won't say who got the golden ticket though. Are you gonna watch it tomorrow night?