Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Nice Day With My Grandsons and Craig

Today was a nice day. Craig and I took Ashton out for his birthday. We went to Pirate Pizza and they had alot of fun. Although at first, we were wondering about Ashton. He feel asleep in the van and is cranky when he wakes up. So it took him about 20 minutes to get into his party.

He had alot of fun in the arcade/ He got to play a few games that was geared to his age. But mostly he played in the play area and listened to the pirates. I am deffinantly (? Spelling) glad his mood got better. But then I hate waking up, so I can understand that.

After we ate, we went to go see Hotel for Dogs. I have to say, this was an excellent movie. You should go see it. It has something for everyone.You can check out more pictures on my myspace. That is when I can get the loader to work. It is being a real pain.

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