Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashton

My grandson Ashton is going to be three years old tomorrow. I will have all three of the boys in the afternoon and we have a day filled with fun.

I ordered a cool pirate cake from Lin's Marketplace. I am sure they will do a wonderful job on it. They always do good in my opinion. But I guess I would think they are the best since I work there. I also ordered a cool balloon bouquet and we are going to Pirate Pizza after that.

Ashton, Jace and Tyson will get to play around and we will see if we see any pirates lurking around. My brother in law Craig is going with. We will try to make this a very special day for him.

After we do that and eat and play a bit. We are going to go see the movie Hotel for Dogs... It looks like it will be cute. So we are gonna give it a whirl. So tomorrow looks like it will be a fun filled day for a very special and loved little boy.

G-Ma and Grandpa loves you very much and hope you have a great birthday...

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