Friday, January 2, 2009

Working on Kids Club

If you have kids, we are going to have a good time on January 17th at Lin's Marketplace on Sunset and Dixie Downs in St. George, Utah.

What we are doing is having a Food Pyramid Scavenger Hunt: The kids will get a bag from the Kids Club table that will be located next to the Deli area. They will walk around the store and find people that will have a sign on them that says Congratulations, you have found the Dairy Food Group and they will get a free food item from that food group. This is a free activity and for all up to age 13. Although I do have a theory of kids of all ages. If your kids have allergies to peanuts, there will be a alternative. Since under the meat/proteins is a peanut butter sandwich.

But, if you have kids, join us on January 17th from 10 am-12 noon. We will see you there.


JenJen said...

Cool I will send my little crazy child down there for lunch then. He loves peanut butter sandwiches and i bet the dairy one is a carton of milk right? Love ya. talk to you soon!

Sandie said...

hi there, nope, no milk, The dairy group is a choice of pudding or string cheese. I was thinking that the milk would spoil if they didn't drink it right away.