Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Trip To Vegas

Yesterday my friend Brenda and I went to Las Vegas. Let me tell you that it was way cold. You see, her driver side window doesn't go up. So here we are driving to Vegas to get her daughter and the wind is blowing and it is blasted cold out there. And to boot, she is a horrible driver. If anyone thought I was bad, Brenda has me beat by a lot, lol. She drives 25 miles under the speed limit and she doesn't use her turn signal and she doesn't watch where people are. So I gather God must have been in control last night,lol. We made it home alive and in one piece. What a concept that is, lol.

Here in St. George we are suppose to get rain and it will be a wet weekend. We do need the rain though. So that will be nice...

So onto today. A new day is here and I am going to go to our Secret Sister meeting at church. We get to find out who our Secret Sister is. I wonder if it is who I thought it was. I will let you know later on that one.

But I will write more later. I hope you all have a great day.

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