Wednesday, February 4, 2009

American Idol and Other Stuff

Ugh, last night was the first night for American Idol to be in Hollywood. I will be watching it tonight. But missed what happened last night. I was at Golds Gym in the pool. Boy oh boy, they need to have a TV in that area for times like this,lol. Tonight I'm not going to go. So I can watch AI tonight. I am wondering how the local girl Taylor is doing and if she made it through last night and if David Osmond made it through.

I was pretty happy last night too when I went to check out our local newspaper online (The Spectrum). I seen on the page that my restaurant review blog is on there. So that was pretty cool. I don't like my picture on there. But can't do much about that. Other then these things, not much is going on. Just kinda taking it easy today and doing nothing till I have to take my niece to work tonight and then going to get ready for AI...

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