Friday, March 13, 2009

Life Has Been Crazy

usually I am pretty good at keeping this thing updated. But I have been a slacker in some ways, or should I say crazy busy. With my daughter in town, we have been going all over the place and haven't been on here much.

We just got back from Phoenix. We were there for 5 days. Jessica had an audition there, and she wanted to visit her in laws. She does have pretty cool in laws. Her mother in law is awesome and is a lot of fun. Its a good thing for her in laws, my van check engine light came on and Dennis, Jessica's Step Father In Law fixed it for me. I will have to repay him somehow.

When I was there, we also came back with a Buick Park Avenue. We are gonna have my brother in law pay for that. It will be nice. He needed a car and I didn't need two cars to drive at one time, lol and definitely not 2 payments.

Another thing that happened was that my husband Chuck called me while in Phoenix and told me on the 1st we are moving. Good thing that isn't too far from us. It is the house right behind where we live. It will be nice, it is a lot bigger then our house. But then again, that might mean more to clean, hmmmm.

Putting out a SOS to everyone too... Many know we do animal rescue. I had a number of calls this week and we are looking for homes for three pets... We do not have possession of them, but they are in need of a good home... All are FREE TO GOOD HOME...

1. Gold Lab/Retriever Mix- 3 yrs old, female, good with kids and very sweet. She loves to go for walks and just have alot of love. The owners lost their home due to foreclosure... Her name is Katie
2. Toy Poodle- 13 yrs old, male... He just needs a good home... He is a senior dog that has recently been passed around. His name is Paco
3. Pit Bull/Lab- 1 1/2 yrs old, female... She has been around kids and still in that puppy stage. The owners moved to Las Vegas and now she is staying with the owners mom who can't keep her. Name Unknown...

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