Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting Ready to Move

Life is still crazy. Jessica and JJ is going back to North Carolina on Tuesday and then we have to get ready to move on the first. How fun does that sound to you, lol. It is only right behind where we live now, so that won't be really bad... But moving is moving and i hate moving and packing. Plus I get a bit ornery to be around when we are moving. Everyone here at the house says that atleast. I guess I get a bit stressed out and I want it done now, and don't want to wait.

Other then that, things are good. Jessica is working at clipping away her hundreds of coupons so she can do the triple coupons and doubles when she gets back to North Carolina. She is excited about that. She literally has 100's of coupons, its nuts... The other day when we went to the store. We had to have one cart for her coupon books and such and then the other for JJ and the items we bought, lol. I have to give her Kudos's, she figured out a good system to save tons of money. But, wow! It takes alot of time. But she is a stay at home mommy, so I guess it works for her. I do wish we had double and triple coupons here. I might just go out and do the same thing. My husband is kinda weird about it though. He has it in his head that she buys whatever she has a coupon for whether she uses it or not. But that isn't true,lol. She uses what she wants, and passes on to others what she doesn't use. But hey, if you can get it free, why not?

But I will write again soon and then see what is up in the life of all those around. Have a good day and God Bless

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