Saturday, June 6, 2009

Programming Remotes and All that Stuff

I am at my computer and playing on the Game Lounge on Direct TV. And what is a pain is that my remote keeps telling me that it isn't programmed. Now how in the world does that happen when I use it all the time and I know it should be and it does work for everything else but when I want to turn the TV on or adjust the sound. Ugh, technology isn't always the best thing there is. But I am being lazy and I don't want to get up to turn the tv on or turn off the volume. it's a sad day when we rely so much on mechanics f things and forget how to get up and turn something off or on, lol. Now I am done with my game and I can choose to either leave the TV on, Or I can walk the 5 feet over to the TV and manually shut if off since I can't figure out this stupid remote...

Then on my gripe number 2. I get tired of how everyone gets my money but me. What is up with that. I want to go do something fun, and I have to pay bills. Ugh and double UGH on that notion. But I did pay what I can, but now I have no money and that is bummer big time.

Then my thought number three, which is the last one before I go to bed. I think I am going to ditch church tomorrow. I have a big week coming up and I think I may go rest or I may even go to church with a friend of mine and see what they do. But that all depends on if I wake up in time or not. Usually when our pastor is out of time, I seem to ditch alot... Not sure God likes that too well though. I know I should go to church and I love going to church. But my body tells me it is tired and needs to rest. So I am thinking this through and going to pray about it. Its kinda funny though. In my prayer, I seem to ask God that if He wants me to go to church, then to make sure I wake up in time, lol. I don't understand my logic in that since I know that God wants me to go to church to begin with, lol. He is probably just humoring me and I know he already knows what I will do even when I don't know.

With a second,I have another thought too. I know someone who is trying to convince me that it is OK to live on 600 calories or less a day. OK, I am all for saving fat and calories. But 600 is ridiculous. I would think it would be better to have between 1200-1800 depending on your starting weight. So going to have to have a sit down or pow wow with her on that one. OK, now I am done and I will bid you all good night and may God Bless each and every one.

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