Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Visiting in North Carolina

Yesterday I went to North Carolina to visit my daughter Jessica and my grandson and of course my son in law Jason. With my b-day being tomorrow, and there is a Christian concert this weekend that I want to go to. I decided to surprise Jessica and pop in and see her.

Its a nice change from St. George. It is getting ready to storm right now. Whats nice is that it is REAL RAIN, not a sputter. Although I can totally live without the lightning. I will post pictures for everyone and hopefully I can get some pics of the rain and lightning. That is if I don't get stuck with lightning. That would be a major bummer. But you know, I have this theory. Alot of the time people die around the times of their b-days or around holidays. So am hoping that it isn't the first of the scenario's.

But I am going to go, my daughter wants me to go with her to my least favorite stores in the world "WALMART". I can't stand that store, and yet I must endure the pain and agony associated with going to WALMART. But I am going to go and shut Jessica's computer down since there is lots and lots of thunder and lightening. I don't want to fry her computer. That would a very bad thing to do. I will posting again and will update as we go.

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Christy said...

Have a fun and safe time in North Carolina!