Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life continues on the roller coaster

Well, to sum up this year so far I would have to say it isn't going very good. But I guess it could be worse. let me see how it could be worse...

My Top Ten Worse List:

10.Being eaten by a pack of wolves
9. Not having anyone to care about me
8. Not having anyone to love
7. Living in the old west (well maybe).
6. Not having any freedoms
5. Plummiting from a super high mountain to find there is no bottom.
4. Living in a third world country
3. Not having my kids or husband
2. Having spiders crawl all over me
1. Not having Christ in my life...

So there are some things that would be worse. But some good things are happening. My daughter and grandson is moving back here. It will be nice having them closer and she found a job. So now I have both of my lovely daughters and all of my grandsons around us. I have to say, I have the cutest grandsons ever and best daughters and family. Although there are a few I wish I could shoot. My sister Joyce being one of them. She decided to move out of the apartment we rented to her in the middle of the night, abandoned her dogs and stole my husbands laptop. So that makes you really think about the bad side of the family. Its a shame when you help someone out, and they do that to you. Oh well, I guess one day I will learn about that one.

I am still hoping my car fixing fairie will show up and fix my van. The tranny is out on it, and that is not cool at all since I want to sale it. I am hoping my son in law will be able to help with this one. But I am done venting now. So I will go to bed, where I should be. Have a good night all and God Bless


JenJen said...

Now remember you do have an adopted family that loves you very much. In that fanily is a boy a girl and another girl on the way. Theres your granddaughters you want G-Ma. LOL LOL LOL Love ya. Had to give you a hard time.

Sandie said...

lol. Thanks for the post. BTW, how are you feeling.