Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Miss Perfect

Tonight I was, well still am watching the show on WE called Little Miss Perfect. My daughter Jessica was in pageants and never really noticed some of the things that went on till I was watching this show.

First of all, the girls are way cute and pretty. But I wonder what we are teaching our kids when you feel the need to correct the flaws we have. Like right now the girl Madison is getting a spray on tan and she has a flipper. If you don't knwo what a flipper is. It gives the illusion you have perfect teeth. This little girl Madison is maybe 5 if that.

What I notice too is that many of the parents are far from being pretty. I wonder if the parents are trying to be more of the center of attention or living through thier kids and not realize it. I don't think all are. But some are. My daughter loved doing pageants and as soon as it got to the point of frustration and it wasn't fun, that was it.

I feel really bad for some of these girls. They wear wigs, have corrected teeth, makeup and all of the garb going on. Wonder why the girls just can't be judged based on thier own attributes. I would think the judges would understand that kids loose thier teeth at 5 or 6 yrs old.

I do think good things can come out of pageants. For example, they help build self esteem, confidence and they can win scholorships.

There is one girl called Angelina and her mom said she wanted her daughter natural. And yet this other mother decided she needed to have more glamour. I woud be livid if someone did that to my daughter. They best be leaving thier hands off my daughter, especially if they are competing.

But this is my vent for the night, so just sharing my thoughts.

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