Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sick of Spammers/Scammers

I have gotten to the point where I am sick of scammers/spammers. We have our Nova up for sale. We have it listed on Ebay, or should I say we had it listed on Ebay. The reason we had it listed is because twice we have had someone hit the buy it now button, thus cancelling the sale, since it is presumably sold. After they do that, they unregister with ebay and become an non-member. Like I am going to sale it that way.

Well, two weeks ago when that happened, the guy wrote us and told us he was in Germany for two days and would send us a check for over the amount to take care of it and the troubles and wanted us to meet with his shipper. YEAH RIGHT... He also asked about if we were able to go that day to the bank and cash the money order, another yeah right. As you have guess, we didn't do that... I wonder if they think I have the word stupid written all over my face. Ok, this was two weeks ago. I got ahold of ebay and they cancelled the sale and told us they are investigating the guy and to relist the car and they would credit our account.

Now last week, we relist and again on Saturday, they same thing happens. What is up with that... So now I am rethinking ebay... Everyone says it is so great, but I just get scammers on there and Craigslist is no better. I am hoping to sell the car so I can take care of some bills. But at this rate, ughhh. Not sure what will happen with that. We do have it listed on KSL... Knock on wood on that, so far we have no wierd emails or such... But I am sure that will change at some point in time.

If you use any of these outlets to sale your goods or cars, beware of scammers and spammers and check out who or what may be bidding on your stuff. We didn't get taken, but I am also very cautious and have issues with being burned.

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